Title: Enhanced Acceleration Phase Tracking for Moving Platform Detection in 3D Indoor Navigation
Author(s): Susanna Kaiser
Published in: Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2018
April 23 - 26, 2018
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Monterey, CA
Pages: 1206 - 1212
Cite this article: Kaiser, Susanna, "Enhanced Acceleration Phase Tracking for Moving Platform Detection in 3D Indoor Navigation," Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2018, Monterey, CA, April 2018, pp. 1206-1212.
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Abstract: State of the art inertial navigation systems (INS) use pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) to estimate the trajectory of a user in indoor environments. These algorithms enforce a human gait model on the inertial measurements, in order to restrain the accumulation of sensor errors. However, in the presence of external transportation platforms like elevators or escalators, these assumptions cause the PDR to ignore the external displacement and it loses track of the user’s trajectory. In this paper, we propose a method for reliably detecting external transportation platforms in pedestrian navigation based on the acceleration bias estimation in order to be independent from bias estimation errors. Different acceleration bias estimation techniques are compared regarding accuracy and robustness. With the new detection technique 98.7% of the moving platforms are detected properly. All elevators are correctly detected; only one escalator is missing because of too short acceleration phases during stance phases while walking on that escalator.