Title: Fast Alignment Method for Strapdown Navigation System on Stationary Base
Author(s): Bo Xu, Tenghui Duan, Lianzhao Wang
Published in: Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2018
April 23 - 26, 2018
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Monterey, CA
Pages: 869 - 873
Cite this article: Xu, Bo, Duan, Tenghui, Wang, Lianzhao, "Fast Alignment Method for Strapdown Navigation System on Stationary Base," Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2018, Monterey, CA, April 2018, pp. 869-873.
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Abstract: The accuracy and convergence speed in alignment of strap-down inertial navigation system (SINS) are the two contradictory indexes. The paper mainly lays emphasis on the alignment speed instead of high precision. It requires high rapidity more than high accuracy due to some specific occasions such as the launching of artillery or torpedo. In this case, it is very necessary to converge in a very short time. However, the traditional Kalman filter method uses speed or position as measurement, and it takes a long time to complete the initial alignment. Aiming at this problem, a fast alignment method based on the information of gyroscope on static base is proposed. On basis of the traditional method, gyro output is used as an auxiliary measurement to improve the alignment speed. The simulation result demonstrates that the proposed method has a good effect on fast convergence.