Timothy P. Krisher, Lute Maleki, Lori E. Primas, George F. Lutcs, Ronald T. Logan, John D. Anderson, Clifford M. Will

Abstract: We report on the final results of an analysis of data obtained in a recent experiment to test the isotropy of the one-way velocity of light using instrumentation of the Deep Space Network (DSN). The data consisted of measurements of the relative phase versus time of the 100 MHz output of two hydrogen maser frequency standards separated by 29 kilometers which were compared by propagating signals one-way over an ultra-stable fiberoptics cable. Uninterrupted phase records spanning nearly five days were generated simultaneously at each site, thereby providing us with the capability to subtract out errors due to either a frequency offset between the masers or a temperature-dependent delay along the fiberoptics cable. Adding the records removed the maser frequency offset error, while differencing the records removed the cable delay error. It was not possible to subtract out both errors simultaneously. By taking 1000 second samples and low-pass filtering the phase records for periodicities of 12 hours or longer, we observed daily phase variations of less than 20 degrees in the differenced data and of less than 1 degree in the added data, Both spectral analysis and linear regression techniques were used to Infer from the phase records limits on two possible anisotropie variations in the one-way velocity of light which could arise from the motion of the earth with respect to the cosmic microwave background. The differenced record permits a limit to be set on an anisotropy which is linear in this velocity, while the added record can be used to limit a quadratic dependence. A theoretical interpretation of the resulting limits is given in terms of the test theory of relativity proposed by Mansouri and Sexl
Published in: Proceedings of the 21th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting
November 28 - 30, 1989
Sheraton Hotel
Redondo Beach, California
Pages: 171 - 180
Cite this article: Krisher, Timothy P., Maleki, Lute, Primas, Lori E., Lutcs, George F., Logan, Ronald T., Anderson, John D., Will, Clifford M., "FINAL RESULTS OF A NEW TEST OF RELATIVITY," Proceedings of the 21th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting, Redondo Beach, California, November 1989, pp. 171-180.
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