High Precision Open-loop and Closed-loop MEMS Accelerometers with Wide Sensing Range

Boris Grinberg, Aviram Feingold, Leonid Furman and Roza Wolfson

Abstract: This paper presents two high performance wide sensing range MEMS accelerometers, built using different techniques. The paper comprises two sections. In the first section, open-loop accelerometers with up to 40 g sensing range and 18 bit dynamic range are presented. In addition to a discussion on design, statistically based test results are demonstrated. In the second section, a closed-loop sigma-delta accelerometer with 30 g sensing range and 21 bit dynamic range is presented, including a short design review and test results from the most recently fabricated batches. Our open-loop accelerometers have demonstrated tactical grade performance featuring 0.5 ppm of full range/?Hz noise, 100 ppm bias stability, and 0.5 % of full range nonlinearity. Our closed-loop accelerometer, designed to compete with traditional macro electro-mechanical quartz accelerometers, features <10 ug bias instability, 0.1% typical nonlinearity over full 30 g sensing range, and less than 100 100 µg/g2rms vibration Rectification Error (VRE) up to a 2 kHz frequency range. Both open-loop and closed-loop sensors represent a fully integrated system comprising a uniquely designed MEMS device enclosed in a specially built LCC package with a proprietary ASIC.
Published in: Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2016
April 11 - 14, 2016
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Savannah, GA
Pages: 924 - 931
Cite this article: Grinberg, Boris, Feingold, Aviram, Furman, Leonid, Wolfson, Roza, "High Precision Open-loop and Closed-loop MEMS Accelerometers with Wide Sensing Range," Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2016, Savannah, GA, April 2016, pp. 924-931.
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