A GNSS Signal Acquisition Scheme Based on Compressed Sensing

SongLin Ou, Jinhai Li, Jinhai Sun, Dandan Zeng, Jixiu Li, Yuepeng Yan

Abstract: With the development of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and the emergence of multi-system joint positioning, the receiver is facing dilemma that both the amount of data processing and the hardware scale are becoming larger and larger in the restricted hardware resource. Great redundancy existing in the sampled data obtained by the classical Shannon-Nyquist sampling theorem is the fundamental cause. In recent years, as an emerging theory of signal sampling, compressed sensing (CS) provides a new method to solve this dilemma. Taking GNSS signal acquisition as a research object in this paper, a novel GNSS signal acquisition scheme based on CS and signal acquisition theoretical basis is proposed, aiming at the large hardware scale and the big amount of data processing problem. The new acquisition scheme adopts a single measurement orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm to reconstruct the signal so as to simplify the signal recovery algorithm and reduce the complexity of the algorithm, and then theoretically analyze the effect of the measurement matrix to the acquisition performance. In proceeding, the conclusion that extra carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) caused by CS loss and the compression ratio displaying inversely proportional is proved. Furthermore, two methods aiming at solving the problem of extra CNR caused by CS loss are proposed to improve the acquisition performance in this paper by increasing the compression ratio and enhance the input CNR. Finally, a series of tests toward the global positioning system (GPS) signal and the binary offset carrier (BOC) signal are simulated and verified in the following aspects, such as the choice of measurement matrix, the noise loss analysis, the acquisition probability and the CNR loss under different compression ratio. The simulation result consistent to theoretical analysis shows that the proposed algorithm can be effectively applied to the navigation applications, and can greatly reduce the hardware scale under the condition of certain guaranteed performance.
Published in: Proceedings of the ION 2015 Pacific PNT Meeting
April 20 - 23, 2015
Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa
Honolulu, Hawaii
Pages: 618 - 628
Cite this article: Ou, SongLin, Li, Jinhai, Sun, Jinhai, Zeng, Dandan, Li, Jixiu, Yan, Yuepeng, "A GNSS Signal Acquisition Scheme Based on Compressed Sensing," Proceedings of the ION 2015 Pacific PNT Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, April 2015, pp. 618-628.
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