Overview of the IISA/ABICS Flight Test Program

Carlos A. Bedoya, John M. Perdzock

Abstract: For the past thirteen years McDonnell Aircraft (MCAIR) has been involved in study and flight test programs with Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories (AFWAL) and Naval Air Development Center (NADC) evaluating the use of multifunction sensors in fighter aircraft. The programs are Multifunction Inertial Reference Assembly (MIRA), Integrated Inertial Sensor Assembly (lISA), Integrated Inertial Reference Assembly ( IIRA), Multifunction Flight Control Reference System (MFCRS) and Ada Based Integrated Control System (ABICS}. This paper gives an overview of these programs, of the flight test results and lessons learned during the MFCRS program, and of the incorporation of the NAVY IISA Advanced Development Model (ADM) hardware into the Ada Based Integrated Controls phase III program. The goal of the ABICS III program is to flight test the IISA hardwares use as both a flight control reference and as an inertial navigator in 1987 - its use as a weapon delivery reference will be included in 1 ate 1987 and as a GPS/INS weapon delivery reference in 1988. Some of' the applications will be flown using a 32 bit computer programmed in Ada. This program is jointly sponsored by AFWAL/FIGX and NAVAIR/NADC.
Published in: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1987)
June 23 - 25, 1987
Dayton, Ohio
Pages: 134 - 146
Cite this article: Bedoya, Carlos A., Perdzock, John M., "Overview of the IISA/ABICS Flight Test Program," Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1987), Dayton, Ohio, June 1987, pp. 134-146.
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