Phase III GPS Integration Options for Aircraft Platforms

Lawrence F. Wiederholt, Dale Klein

Abstract: The GPS UE is being designed for use on various platform types (aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land vehicles and manpack) with the integrated Components of the User Equipment (UE) being developed as separate modules. GPS UE can be integrated on board a platform to varying levels. The system enhancements available to the individual platform are dependent on the complement of GPS UE selected and the degree to which it is being integrated onto the platform. This paper describes the GPS UE capability options available to Aircraft Platforms. The capability options are described as generic options (i.e., not specific to any aircraft). The options have been grouped into the following categories: 1. Rendezvous 2. Sensor Calibration 3. INS Update/Alignment 4. Navigation 5. Training/Evaluation 6. Identification Friend or Foe 7. Bombing 8. Waypoint Navigation 9. JTIDS Integration 10. Landing 11. Command and Control 12. Tactical Missiles For each option, three topics are addressed: the benefits, possible equipment configuration and implementation issues. These topics are addressed independent of particular aircraft.
Published in: Proceedings of the 1984 National Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation
January 17 - 19, 1984
San Diego, CA
Pages: 62 - 72
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