RTCM SC-104 Progress on Differential GPS Standards

Rudolph M. Kalafus

Abstract: The Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services (RTCM) established Special Committee 104 on Differential NAVSTAR/GPS Service in November 1983. Its goals are to recommend standards for the broadcast of differential corrections to users of the Global Positioning System (GPS), and to define the data link between the reference station and the users. Recognizing that differential GPS has potential for other than marine use, the Committee's terms of reference call for maintaining liaisons with RTCA and other organizations, and for ensuring that the standards and recommendations do not restrict differential operation for applications other than for marine use. As its starting point SC-104 used the results of the workshop held at the Transportation Systems Center on June 9-10, 1983. The workshop had developed a strawman format and a set of recommendations on the form and computation of the corrections. A number of possible frequency bands were identified, including the GPS L1 frequency for pseudolite operation. There are three working groups on the committee: Data Content Working Group - Al J. Van Dierendonck Communications Working Group - Nevin A. Pealer Pseudolite Working Group - Thomas A. Stansell, Jr. The progress of the working groups is described now in more detail.
Published in: Proceedings of the 1985 National Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation
January 15 - 17, 1985
San Diego, CA
Pages: 45 - 47
Cite this article: Kalafus, Rudolph M., "RTCM SC-104 Progress on Differential GPS Standards," Proceedings of the 1985 National Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, San Diego, CA, January 1985, pp. 45-47.
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