Interactive, Operational Tactical Mission Planning

N. Pekelsma, P. Ciganer, A. Denaro, A. Denton

Abstract: TAU Corporation has developed a Tactical Mission Planning and Image Exploitation Workstation resident on a PC-compatible computer. The Mission Planner solves for optimum survivability routes through a designated threat laydown and utilizing terrain masking from DMA digital terrain elevation data. Planning is done interactively on the high resolution color graphics screen. Input devices include keyboard, mouse, digitizing tablet and digital video camera (for photo interpretation). This paper describes the system and illustrates the operation of the route-finding algorithm. The Image Exploitation part of the workstation addresses a need to accommodate the diverse -input media mentioned above. In some operational situations, the DMA elevation data may sometimes not be readily available, while paper copy maps can be used instead. In reading such information into the system, image processing techniques are used to enhance the image. Cultural features of interest, threat locations, etc., are "hooked" and registered with the mission planning database. These functions are all carried out within the small footprint workstation.
Published in: Proceedings of the 1988 National Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation
January 26 - 29, 1988
Santa Barbara, CA
Pages: 143 - 146
Cite this article: Pekelsma, N., Ciganer, P., Denaro, A., Denton, A., "Interactive, Operational Tactical Mission Planning," Proceedings of the 1988 National Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, Santa Barbara, CA, January 1988, pp. 143-146.
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