The Integrated Bridge of the 1990s

Ferdinand Baldwin "Winn" Harrington III

Abstract: become commonplace in the 1990s exists today. Sperry Marine has combined electronic charts, raster scan radar, satellite communications, and navigation equipment into an integrated bridge. The IBS- automates work that is performed manually now - logging weather data, determining position, calculating voyage plans, and monitoring instruments. This automation is a major step towards reducing manning and improving safety. The Sperry IBS integrates sensors from different manufacturers. This frees the customer from a proprietary system using one manufacturer's equipment. For example, a Shipmate Decca, a Sperry GPS, and a Northstar Loran-e can be mixed together. The IBS calculates the best position from the available sensors. By using as many standards as possible, Sperry can build a custom integrated bridge with mass production techniques. This paper describes several configurations of the integrated bridge. All have color electronics charts and integrated navigation sensors. Most employ the token ring local area network for unlimited expansion and flexibility. All use sophisticated Sperry software running on the latest microprocessors.
Published in: Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1989)
June 27 - 29, 1989
Alexandria, VA
Pages: 59 - 66
Cite this article: Harrington, Ferdinand Baldwin "Winn", III, "The Integrated Bridge of the 1990s," Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1989), Alexandria, VA, June 1989, pp. 59-66.
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