Integration of the LTN-72 INS with the DOD GPS 3A Set

J. Bass, H. S. Yang, R. Boebel, C. Pierce

Abstract: In 1983, Aero Products received a contract from the Naval Air Systems Command to study the integration of GPS with the existing Navy Inertial Navigation System (INS). In 1985, Aero Products was awarded a contract by the Naval Air Development Center to design and develop the operational software/hardware modifications required for the integrated LTN-72/GPS system. This program has been successfully completed and the first upgraded LTN-72 was delivered to NADC for testing in October 1988. The study, design and implementation efforts are the subject of this paper. APD's LTN-72 system is the standard INS for all land based naval aircraft. The Collins 3A receiver/ processor (DOD designation AN/ASN-15l(V)) was selected as the standard Navy GPS user equipment. The LTN-72 is installed in several different Navy aircraft with multiple configurations. missions and flight profiles. The objective of the study phase was to develop integration techniques which would optimize performance while still meeting the wide range of user requirements. There were limits on the technology which could be utilized due to the age of the LTN-72 system which has been in production since 1972. The Navy has a large inventory of systems and the hardware and interface modifications had to be kept to a minimum. The initial study phase along with the eventual design and development process is discussed and the tools are described. Testing performed at Aero Products and at NADC have shown excellent performance which meets the original design requirements.
Published in: Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1989)
June 27 - 29, 1989
Alexandria, VA
Pages: 139 - 149
Cite this article: Bass, J., Yang, H. S., Boebel, R., Pierce, C., "Integration of the LTN-72 INS with the DOD GPS 3A Set," Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (1989), Alexandria, VA, June 1989, pp. 139-149.
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