GPS Phase III Multi-Channel User Equipment

J.F. Vacherlon, A.C. Huneke, G.M. Kaiser, D.C. Forseth, J.H. Justice

Abstract: This paper describes the architecture of the multichannel GPS receivers being developed by the Collins Government Avionics Division of Rockwell International under a production contract with the USAF Space Division. The GPS Phase III receivers evolved from the field-proven design developed during the competitive Phase IIB full-scale development contract. Design emphasis was placed on low risk modifications to the Phase liB design to improve system integration flexibility, life cycle cost, and producibility. These receivers are currently undergoing qualification testing with initial factory deliveries slated for 3rd quarter 1987. The Phase III multichannel receivers include 5 variations of a basic 2 channel and 5 channel P·code design with flexible I/0 capability accommodating the integration needs of over 75 host vehicle applications. These GPS receivers utilize a unique stack·oriented CAPS (Collins Adaptive Processing System) processor and include complete Selective Availability/Anti·Spoofing capabilities. Full advantage was taken of Phase liB lessons learned, with design changes limited to producibility enhancements, operational improvements, and technology upgrades which included incorporation of low-power logic and use of denser memory. Built·in·test enhancements significantly improved fault detection and reporting.
Published in: Proceedings of the Satellite Division's First Technical Meeting (ION GPS 1987)
September 21 - 25, 1987
The Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Spring, CO
Pages: 4 - 13
Cite this article: Vacherlon, J.F., Huneke, A.C., Kaiser, G.M., Forseth, D.C., Justice, J.H., "GPS Phase III Multi-Channel User Equipment," Proceedings of the Satellite Division's First Technical Meeting (ION GPS 1987), Colorado Spring, CO, September 1987, pp. 4-13.
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