Progress at the State Time and Frequency Standard of Russia

I. Blinov, Y. Domnin, S. Donchenko, A. Goncharov, N. Koshelyaevsky, V. Kostromin, I. Noretz, Y. Smirnov

Abstract: The new national time and frequency standard (NTFS) of Russian Federation in pursuance of Decree No. 1226 dat-ed 28 December 2012 of Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology has been commissioned. Along with it new realization of atomic time scale TA(SU) based on new time algorithm have been introduced on MJD 56289 – 28 December 2012. Last year was achieved two new results on CS fountain standards. For the first time during international experi-ment organized by NICT our CS fountain standards have been compared relative to analogous instruments from other laboratories. This campaign confirmed stated uncer-tainties of VNIIFTRI CS fountain standards. The other re-sult is improvement of CSF2(SU) fountain standard com-parison against H-maser approximately two times up to level 1×10-15 for sample time 1 day. Basing on frequency comparison of H-maser relative to primary CS we estimated absolute frequencies, drift and drift variation of the every H-maser from the ensemble. These data enabled better frequency prediction and im-provement in ‘paper’ clock performances. In late fall 2012 we have delivered mobile TW station to PTB, calibrated TW link between VNIIFTRI and PTB, and as result in May 2013 was issued CI number 281. At the end of September (MJD 56564) we have shifted our time link from GPS/GLO combination to TWSTFT. Along with operational activity VNIIFTRI continues fur-ther development atomic frequency standard and time and frequency link program. Within this program is foreseen development of continuously operating clocks based of Rb fountain standard with improved time stability. Apart from this are continuing investigation standard on 87Sr in opti-cal lattice and fiber time and frequency link.
Published in: Proceedings of the 45th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting
December 2 - 5, 2013
Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Bellevue, Washington
Pages: 26 - 31
Cite this article: Blinov, I., Domnin, Y., Donchenko, S., Goncharov, A., Koshelyaevsky, N., Kostromin, V., Noretz, I., Smirnov, Y., "Progress at the State Time and Frequency Standard of Russia," Proceedings of the 45th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting, Bellevue, Washington, December 2013, pp. 26-31.
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