Applications and Low-complexity Implementation of ACE-BOC Multiplexing

J. Zhang, Z. Yao, M. Lu

Abstract: In the GNSS signal design, in order to provide users with diversified service, many signals should be transmitted and multiplexed to save the frequency resource and facilitate the receiving. Constant envelope multiplexing is becoming an essential technique, which combines many signals into an integral signal with constant envelope, thus achieving better efficiency in both the signal generating and receiving sides. Among the various multiplexing techniques, dual-frequency constant envelope multiplexing is attached increading attentions, where composed signals are modulated to two adjacent central frequencies with in-phase and quadrature-phase. For receivers, the split-spectrum signal supports diversified receiving strategies with enhanced navigation performance. ACE-BOC is a recently proposed dual-frequency multiplexing technique, which is notable for the flexibility in the number of input signals and the modulation and power ratio of different input components. In this aspect, ACE-BOC can be utilized in the under constructing systems with various design requirement, such as the Beidou Navigation System B2 band. In this paper, firstly, two typical applications are designed for ACE-BOC with application scope discussed and signal generating implementation obtained. Then, performance is analyzed including the multiplexing efficiency, analytical power spectral density and tracking accuracy. Finally, simplification is made for ACE-BOC to reduce the engineering complexity and performance is evaluated. Results in this paper provide further development for ACE-BOC and can be referred as a feasible solution in the signal design.
Published in: Proceedings of the 2014 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation
January 27 - 29, 2014
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California
Pages: 781 - 791
Cite this article: Zhang, J., Yao, Z., Lu, M., "Applications and Low-complexity Implementation of ACE-BOC Multiplexing," Proceedings of the 2014 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, San Diego, California, January 2014, pp. 781-791.
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