Optimal INS Monitor for GNSS Spoofer Tracking Error Detection

Birendra Kujur, Samer Khanafseh, and Boris Pervan

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: In this article, we describe a new method for detecting global navigation satellite system (GNSS) spoofing using an inertial navigation system. We specifically address the most difficult-to-detect scenario, in which a spoofer replicates the authentic GNSS signal with only additive errors due to the spoofer’s uncertainty in knowledge of the target’s position. We derive an optimal monitor to detect the anomalous temporal structure of the spoofed measurements caused by the spoofer’s target tracking errors. This new monitor uses accumulated Kalman filter innovations projected into the position state domain. We demonstrate how the monitor window length can be set to achieve any required missed detection probability, and we evaluate the performance of the monitor for both white and colored tracking error. Finally, we present a complementary solution separation monitoring concept to detect rapid-onset spoofing and to achieve protection levels in real time.
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