Development and Validation of a Multipath Mitigation Technique Using Multi-Correlator Structures

Christian Siebert, Andriy Konovaltsev, and Michael Meurer

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Multipath propagation is a major source of error in global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs), especially in urban environments. This is because conventional GNSS receivers can provide biased range estimates that lead to positioning errors. In this paper, an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)-based solution that relies on a multi-correlator structure is proposed to replace the conventional delay locked loop (DLL). The underlying signal model incorporates the radio propagation channel between the satellite and receiver and thus inherently accounts for reflected signal replicas. The algorithm was evaluated with simulations and hardware emulations and a measurement campaign was conducted in road traffic with different multipath environments. Our results revealed that the proposed EKF was very effective against multipath-associated error.
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