On GNSS Synchronization Performance Degradation under Interference Scenarios: Bias and Misspecified Cramér-Rao Bounds

Lorenzo Ortega, Corentin Lubeigt, Jordi Vilà-Valls, and Eric Chaumette

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs) play a key role in a plethora of applications, ranging from navigation and timing to Earth observation and space weather characterization. For navigation purposes, interference scenarios are among the most challenging operation conditions, with a clear impact on the maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) of signal synchronization parameters. While several interference mitigation techniques exist, an approach for theoretically analyzing GNSS MLE performance degradation under interference, which is fundamental for system/receiver design, is lacking. The main goal of this contribution is to provide such analysis, by deriving closed-form expressions of the misspecified Cramér–Rao (MCRB) bound and estimation bias, for a generic GNSS signal corrupted by interference. The proposed bias and MCRB expressions are validated for a linear frequency-modulation chirp signal interference.
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