Navigator Notes: Editorial Highlights from the Editor-in-Chief

Richard B. Langley

Abstract: Welcome to the Winter 2022 issue of NAVIGATION. In this issue, we again feature articles on a wide range of topics including GNSS orbit and clock modeling, monitoring GNSS signals, characterizing the ionosphere and its effects on navigation, and improved GNSS positioning using a variety of tools. ION continues to promote the research of journal authors through compulsory video abstracts hosted on the ION website. The latest video abstracts are documented below. You can find the video abstract for any recently published article under the article’s supplemental menu item on the journal’s website. ION also engages with the PNT community, through its webinar series, to highlight current topics of interest to the community. The most recent webinar is also documented below. Remember, we have a dedicated website for our journal: From the home page, you can find the current issue, early view articles to be compiled into the next issue, recent archived issues, and other information about the journal. The full archive of NAVIGATION is available on the ION website:
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 69, Number 4
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