Integrity of Visual Navigation—Developments, Challenges, and Prospects

Chen Zhu, Michael Meurer, and Christoph Günther

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Camera-based visual navigation has great potential for various applications, especially in satellite-signal-degenerated environments. However, the lack of integrity protection has constrained its utilization in safety-critical applications. Integrity characterizes the quality of the information that a navigation system delivers. Integrity frameworks have been developed over decades for satellite navigation, and continue to play an essential role in safety-critical applications like civil aviation. Nevertheless, there are several challenges to quantify the risks associated with visual navigation. Over the last few years, several approaches to tackle these challenges have been investigated. These developments are the first steps toward a reliable visual positioning framework with integrity monitoring capabilities. In this paper, we review the current status, particular challenges, and development trends in visual positioning integrity monitoring. In addition, we propose a preliminary framework so that the future developments on visual navigation integrity can benefit from a systematic approach.
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Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 69, Number 2
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