Positioning with medium frequency R-Mode

Lars Grundhöfer, Filippo Giacomo Rizzi, Stefan Gewies, Michael Hoppe, Jesper Bäckstedt, Marek Dziewicki, and Giovanni Del Galdo

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: R-Mode is a terrestrial navigation system under development for the maritime domain that provides backup in case of a GNSS outage. This paper describes the first test results for real-time positioning on board a ship using medium frequency R-Mode signals. The estimation and positioning algorithms used are described in detail and it is shown how they are integrated into the R-Mode receiver developed by the German Aerospace Center. Moreover, during two daytime experiments with lower and higher dynamic movements of a ship in the Baltic Sea, we were able to achieve a 95% horizontal positioning accuracy of better than 12 m in the center of three R-Mode transmitters. This demonstrates the first time that the medium frequency R-Mode has provided positioning at sea.
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Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 68, Number 4
Pages: 829 - 841
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