One-way deep indoor positioning system for conventional GNSS receiver using paired transmitters

Minhuck Park, Jin-Hee Han, O-Jong Kim, Jungbeom Kim, and Changdon Kee

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Generally, GNSS-based indoor navigation systems use repeaters or pseudolites. However, these methods are vulnerable to multipath errors and require additional information, including the repeater or pseudolite position. In this study, we propose a novel one-way indoor positioning system using GNSS signal transmitters. Our system uses paired transmitters, each of which broadcasts the same set of satellite signals. The autocorrelation functions of the combined signals are analyzed as the overlap of each individual autocorrelation function. The estimated position can be determined along the track between the transmitters. The multipath error is absorbed by the clock bias and does not cause position bias error. Furthermore, the proposed system can be applied in current commercial GNSS receivers directly. A theoretical analysis of the pseudorange, user position, multipath error, and signal power is included and supported by simulation results. A field test was conducted to confirm the feasibility of the proposed system.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 68, Number 3
Pages: 601 - 619
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