Performance comparison of time-of-arrival estimation techniques for LTE signals in realistic multipath propagation channels

Pai Wang, Y. Jade Morton

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Long term evolution (LTE) signals have the potential for use in positioning, especially in challenging environments. The time-of-arrival (TOA)-based technique supported by LTE is attractive due to its high positioning accuracy. However, it is vulnerable to multipath propagation effects in typical LTE channels. This paper will summarize several existing advanced TOA estimators for LTE signals, i.e., first peak detection, information theoretic criteria, super-resolution algorithm, and delay-lock loop (DLL). Later, the paper will evaluate the TOA estimation performances of these techniques with multipath propagation effects and varying signal conditions using simulations. For the DLL, the multipath error envelope metric is assessed for different signal bandwidths. The root mean square errors of the TOA estimations are compared to evaluate suitable TOA estimators under various conditions. Finally, some other performance characteristics of these techniques are also discussed.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 67, Number 4
Pages: 691 - 712
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