High-precision unambiguous tracking technique for BDS B1 wideband composite signal

Yang Gao, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: In the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) B1 band, a single-sideband complex binary offset carrier (SCBOC) modulation is employed to combine the legacy and the modernized B1 signals into an asymmetric-wideband composite signal for the backward compatibility. However, SCBOC modulation has only been regarded as a means to achieve the co-existance between B1I and B1C signals, whose high-precision ranging potential is not fully understood or exploited. In this paper, a new pathway for BDS B1 receivers to further enhance their ranging precision is established for the first time, by proposing an unambiguous cross-assisted tracking (CAT) loop, which fully exploits the ranging performance of the SCBOC subcarrier and the inherent coherence between components in the composite signal. Simulation and experiment using live BDS-3 signals show that compared to the traditional tracking processing for independent components, the CAT loop can significantly improve ranging performance precision, thus providing a high-precision processing mode for the BDS B1 composite signal.
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Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 67, Number 3
Pages: 633 - 650
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