Kalman filtering with noncoherent integrations for Galileo E6-B tracking

Melania Susi, Daniele Borio

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The former Galileo Commercial Service (CS) will provide a High Accuracy Service (HAS) and a Commercial Authentication Service (CAS). The first will disseminate free Precise Point Positioning (PPP) corrections through the E6-B signal whereas the second will provide authentication capabilities through the E6-C pilot component that will be encrypted. For this reason, improved processing strategies for data-only processing need to be investigated. The combined use of Kalman filtering and noncoherent integrations is analyzed in this work. A Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver has been developed and used for the analysis. Different scenarios were considered including simulated data with decreasing Carrier-to-Noise Power Spectral Density Ratio (C/N0) levels and live static and dynamic data collected under harsh environments. It emerges that the use of Kalman filtering with extended noncoherent integrations is an effective approach to improve the performance of data-only processing.
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Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 67, Number 3
Pages: 601 - 618
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