Assessment of errors in NavIC observables for stationary receivers

Althaf Azeez, Hari Hablani

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Our objective in this paper is to assess all errors in NavIC's pseudorange so that they can be mitigated or accounted for appropriately in the dynamics model to achieve high-accuracy navigation. Multipath errors in the L5 and S1 pseudoranges are different; hence, oscillatory multipath is removed using sidereal repeatability for these frequencies separately for accurate iono delay estimation. Iono delay estimates using uncompensated pseudoranges are 7-m greater than the normal night time estimates due to multipath. When oscillations are removed, the difference reduces to =3 m. Dual-frequency iono delay estimates using code phase are within two-sigma of the grid-based estimates. A comparison with the NTCM-GL and Klobuchar iono delay estimates is presented for the low-latitude region in India. The ephemeris line-of-sight errors blended with the unknown multipath bias errors are estimated using a low-pass filter and are found to lie at the edges of the two-sigma signal-in-space error.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 67, Number 2
Pages: 347 - 364
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