Generation of crustal movement correction parameter considering valid period and accuracy guarantee

Yuki Ichikawa, Mikihiro Hosoi

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: In recent years, due to the development of precise point positioning (PPP), the inconsistency of map and satellite positioning results due to crustal deformation has come to the surface. In order to solve this problem, a parameter for correcting the crustal deformation is necessary, and if it is provided as a service, the validity period and the accuracy guarantee are also necessary. In this research, we considered the validity period of parameters and the estimation method of the coordinates used for calculating the amount of crustal deformation and actually constructed the crustal movement correction parameter generation system and accuracy evaluation system. The parameters generated by this method are called semi-dynamic reduction (SD/R) parameters. As a result of evaluating the accuracy of SD/R parameters, we achieved a target accuracy of 4 cm at 98.3% verification points in the horizontal direction. Therefore, the effectiveness of the proposed method was shown.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 67, Number 2
Pages: 307 - 317
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