Single station–based precise positioning system: Multiple-antenna arrangement for instantaneous ambiguity resolution

O-Jong Kim and Changdon Kee

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: A single station–based positioning system is designed as an alternative navigation system for environments for which satellite-based navigation systems are not available. The addition of multiple pseudolite antennae that broadcast one-way continuous signals is considered for the positioning using carrier-phase measurements. This study investigates antenna arrangement considering the cycle ambiguity resolution performance. It presents a new technique, the ambiguity net technique, which assesses whether the antenna arrangement is favorable for easy and fast ambiguity resolution. Moreover, a strategy for the antenna arrangement is presented considering two factors: the positioning accuracy and the cycle ambiguity resolution performance. Simulation-based analyses are conducted to verify the method and strategy presented in this paper and to describe the improved performance of cycle ambiguity resolution.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 66, Number 4
Pages: 747 - 768
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