Air traffic control radar interference event in the Galileo E6 band: Detection and localization

Javier Arribas, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Antonio Ramos, Carles Fernández-Prades, Pau Closas

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The Galileo E6 band operates at a nonprimary frequency band within the L-band. This presents challenging situations in the vicinity of other, legitimate, radiolocation services. This is the case for Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar,which is seen as an in-band–pulsed interference by a GNSS receiver. This paper provides a detailed study of the impact of such interference, as well as localization approaches. Particularly, the paper describes the ATC jamming event captured on a GNSS permanent station, its effects on a real receiver, and how it was tracked to localize the source of interference. An ultra low-cost array-based solution is prototyped, based on commercial off-the-shelf devices, that implements a two-element array. Experimental results are shown and discussed using real data, validating the localization performance of the prototype.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 66, Number 3
Pages: 505 - 522
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