Secure GPS Data for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources: Cross-Layered Integrity Processing and Alerting Service`

Steven Lewis, Logan Maynard, C. Edward Chow, Dennis Akos

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Global Positioning System (GPS) data is vulnerable to radio frequency interference (RFI), spoofing, and cyber-attacks. We can defend against these types of attacks by having alternate sources of positioning, navigation, and timing information. However, delays in detection can result in cascading, negative consequences to users. This is especially true with GPS-dependent critical infrastructure and key resources. We propose a solution to close the gap between detection and alerting by leveraging data from existing continuously operating reference station (CORS) networks. Our approach is to develop a service that will utilize a combination of radio frequency (RF) and data integrity monitoring algorithms while addressing cyber hardening and latency needs. The service involves both auto and cross-correlation of received signal strengths and the GPS broadcast navigation messages within CORS networks. We conducted an experiment monitoring a government approved GPS testing event to demonstrate the ability to use existing CORS networks to detect attacks on GPS data.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 65, Number 3
Pages: 389 - 403
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