GNSS Code Multipath Short-time Fourier Transform Analysis

Umberto Robustelli and Giovanni Pugliano

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Global Navigation Satellite System pseudorange multipath errors cannot be analyzed with the Fourier transform as they are non-stationary; thus, other tools must be used. The objective of this paper is to investigate short-time Fourier transform (STFT) performance in detecting Global Positioning System code multipath and analyzing its frequency content. Multipath estimation was achieved by using the code-minuscarrier and the pseudorange multipath observable. Two real datasets were analyzed. A first experiment was carried out using data provided by the Jiufeng (China) International GNSS Service station. The theoretical multipath time-frequency signature was identified by analyzing time series provided by a simulator under the same conditions of the analyzed station. The spectrograms calculated on the real data and those calculated on the simulated data show the same pattern, assessing the effectiveness of the STFT performance. Based on these results, the STFT analysis was applied to a second dataset collected in a strong multipath scenario in Naples (Italy), allowing identification of the multipath sources.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 65, Number 3
Pages: 353 - 362
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