An Experimental Evaluation of Low-Cost GNSS Jamming Sensors

Franc Dimc, Matej Balžec, Daniele Borio, Ciro Gioia, Gianmarco Baldini and Marco Basso

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: This paper presents experimental results obtained during live GNSS jamming tests performed in a road environment. Different jamming detection strategies are considered with specific focus on signal agnostic approaches where no stringent model assumptions are made for the detector design. A measurement station made of a commercial GPS high-sensitivity receiver and an SDR front-end was deployed and used to collect measurements in the presence of jamming. The tests were performed using three different jammers and considering the effects introduced by a vehicle moving at different speeds. The advantages and shortcomings of the different detection approaches are analyzed, and the most effective detection strategies are selected.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 64, Number 1
Pages: 93 - 109
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