Operational Scenarios for Maritime Safety in the Baltic Sea

Sarang Thombre, Heidi Kuusniemi, Stefan Söderholm, Liang Chen, Robert Guinness, Zbigniew Pietrzykowski and Piotr Wolejsza

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The project Enhanced Situational Awareness to Improve Maritime Safety in the Baltic (BONUS ESABALT) studies the feasibility of data crowdsourcing among marine stakeholders in the Baltic Sea for enhancing maritime safety. This paper describes the system architecture, and by use of practical maritime scenarios demonstrates the system utility. These scenarios are categorized under maritime safety, intelligent navigation, and environmental monitoring with cross-border cross-sector operability. The paper also summarizes the validation campaign performed onboard Viking Line’s cruise ship M/S Amorella, operating between Turku and Stockholm. Analysis of the vessel-generated data and end-user requirements recorded during this voyage is expected to enable distillation of the most critical information for crowdsourcing in the maritime scenario. Finally, the paper compares the BONUS ESABALT project with the state-of-the-art and provides the estimated economic and policy impact of the proposed system in the Baltic Sea Region.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 63, Number 4
Pages: 519 - 529
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