Fast Precise Point Positioning: A System to Provide Corrections for Single and Multi-Frequency Navigation

Adria Rovira-Garcia, J.M. Juan, Jaume Sanz, Guillermo González-Casado, Eduardo Bertran

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Fast precise point positioning (Fast-PPP) provides Global Navigation Satellite System corrections in real time. Satellite orbits and clock corrections are shown to be accurate to a few centimeters and a few tenths of a nanosecond which, together with the determination of the fractional part of the ambiguities, enable global high-accuracy positioning with undifferenced Integer Ambiguity Resolution. The new global ionospheric model is shown to provide corrections accurate at the level of one total electron content unit over well-sounded areas and differential code biases at the level of tenths of a nanosecond. These corrections are assessed with permanent receivers, treated as rovers, located at 100 to 800 km from the reference stations of the ionospheric model. Fast- PPP achieves decimeter level of accuracy after a few minutes, several times faster than single- and dual-frequency ionospheric-free solutions, using a month of Global Positioning System data close to the last Solar Maximum and including equatorial rovers.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 63, Number 3
Pages: 231 - 247
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