CSC Code Discriminator: Theoretical Analysis of Performance

Emanuela Falletti, Beatrice Motella, Micaela Troglia Gamba

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: This paper presents the theoretical development and analysis of a novel DLL discriminator robust to multipath errors, called the Combination of Squared Correlators (CSC). The CSC discriminator features a simple implementation based on four (complex) static correlators per channel, without falling into the wide family of patented architectures. In this paper, the theoretical analysis of the properties of the CSC architecture is developed in a well structured context: (i) definition of the discrimination rule; (ii) theoretical analysis in the absence of noise; (iii) theoretical noise tracking jitter analysis; and, (iv) multipath error envelope analysis. In all cases, the CSC results are compared to those of the Strobe discriminator, which is the natural benchmark. The promising performance of the CSC discriminator inserted in a complete software receiver is also proved in a heavy multipath scenario, expressly simulated to stress the code tracking loop robustness.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 62, Number 1
Pages: 39 - 54
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