Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Efficiently into Hub Airport Approach Procedures

Dagi Geister and Robert Geister

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Future Aircraft Surveillance Applications (ASA) systems for situational awareness applications (e.g., conflict detection and resolution, final approach and runway occupancy awareness, and airport surface situational awareness methods), airborne spacing applications, airborne separation applications, and self-separation applications will benefit from the introduction of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). An alternative ADS-B implementation, which transmits measurements from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) instead of aircraft state vectors and performance parameters in the current implementation, has been proposed previously to improve surveillance performance. This paper summarizes the proposed methodology, discusses its threat models and integrity aspects, and presents the initial flight test results of this alternative ADS-B implementation, along with a performance analysis.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 60, Number 3
Pages: 235 - 247
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