A Novel Method to Measure Array Manifolds of GNSS Adaptive Antennas

Christopher M. Church, Andrew J. O’Brien, and Inder J. Gupta

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: We present a procedure for measuring the complete, in situ array manifold of a STAP-based adaptive antenna using only standard GNSS receiver measurements. Note that one needs in situ array manifolds in adaptive spatial processing as well as for estimation of the antenna induced biases in GNSS measurements. The proposed procedure is a straightforward extension of traditional outdoor GPS antenna calibration methods. The adaptive filter weights in the antenna electronics are carefully varied, and their effect on the GNSS receiver measurements are recorded. Using a system of equations derived in this paper, these receiver measurements are used to solve for the frequency response of each antenna element in each satellite direction. The accuracy of the proposed procedure is established using computer simulations. We also show that the measured array manifolds provide a very good estimate of the antenna induced biases in GNSS receiver measurements in the presence of interferers.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 58, Number 4
Pages: 345 - 356
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