SCP Enabled Navigation Using Signals of Opportunity in GPS Obstructed Environments

Michael B. Mathews, Peter F. MacDoran, and Kenn L. Gold

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Spectral Compression Positioning (SCP) is an innovative method for deriving positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) information from Signals of Opportunity (SoOps). The method enables precise PNT in GNSS obstructed environments providing expanded coverage, reliability, and accuracy. This paper introduces the core principles of SCP-based PNT and explores both autonomous and network-based implementation architectures. Providing precise, cost-effective, and autonomous positioning information for navigating indoors or in GPS obstructed environments is a technical challenge that remains largely unsolved. Advances in hybrid Wi-Fi/A-GPS positioning and inertial technologies have yet to deliver meter-level accuracy without the need for custom infrastructure or extensive RF fingerprinting. SCP technology offers a unique alternative approach to current RF-based positioning techniques that readily exploits terrestrial and orbital Signals of Opportunity without the requirement for purpose built infrastructure or a priori knowledge of the signal source location and clock states.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 58, Number 2
Pages: 91 - 110
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