Wide Area Augmentation System Vertical Accuracy Assessment In Support of LPV200 Requirements

Bill Wanner, Bruce DeCleene, David A. Nelthropp, and Stephen Gordon

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The FAA plans to provide LPV200 service to WAAS users, which will reduce the LPV approach decision height to 200 ft. This requires that WAAS meet a more stringent vertical accuracy of 4 m 95% of the time with a vertical alert limit (VAL) of 35 m. The William J. Hughes FAA Technical Center was tasked to demonstrate that the present WAAS meets the LPV200 accuracy requirement over the CONUS service area. This paper presents the data analysis conducted to verify WAAS vertical accuracy and the results of the vertical error analysis of the WAAS. Validation of WAAS vertical accuracy performance was required under varying satellite conditions, including ionospheric storms and GPS satellite failures. In order to verify accuracy over a wide area, WAAS vertical error data from 20 reference receivers located in CONUS between July 2003 and June 2006 was used in the analysis.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 55, Number 3
Pages: 191 - 203
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