A Note on the Group Delay and Phase Advance Phenomenon Associated with GPS Signal Propagation through the Ionosphere

Jong-Hoon Won and Ja-Sung Lee

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The propagation of a GPS signal through the ionosphere causes a group delay in the code signal and an advance of equal magnitude in the carrier signal. This paper explains this phenomenon by extending Jorgensen’s derivation for ionospheric effects on a carrier signal modulated by a single-frequency sinusoidal modulation. The explanation is based on an inverse Fourier transform model of the GPS signal at the GPS receiver antenna output and the expression for the delay of a single-frequency wave in the medium. It is much easier to understand than more common explanations in the literature that involve deriving group and phase velocities in the time – space domain.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 52, Number 2
Pages: 95 - 98
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