M. Tsakiri, A. Kealy, and M. Stewart

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: To date, a number of navigation systems using GPS and other complementary sensors have been developed to offer high-position accuracy and thus increase productivity and efficiency for vehicles and fleet networks. However, these systems are still challenged by the environment of built-up city "urban canyons" in terms of delivery of continuous positioning information. Augmentation of current systems with the Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS offers a solution for increased availability and continuity for urban vehicle navigation. This paper describes the first integrated GPS - GLONASS - dead reckoning DR vehicle navigation system, developed in Australia, and discusses the capabilities of the system operating in urban canyon environments. Results from the city center of Perth, Western Australia, are presented to illustrate improvements in positioning over existing systems from use of the integrated GPS - GLONASS - DR system.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 46, Number 3
Pages: 161 - 174
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