Commnder Alton B. Moody

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: During recent years the need for a common language among navigators has been widely recognized, but to date every attempt to provide one has been inadequate. The task is not an easy one, nor can it be accomplished hastily. The Hydrographic Office has spent more than seven years compiling a comprehensive Navigation Dictionary covering the entire field of navigation, with many terms from related fields of knowledge such as astronomy, mathematics, cartography, magnetics, electronics, surveying, geodesy, oceanography, and horology. This new volume, to be published as H.O. 220, is now in the galley proof stage, and should soon be available.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 4, Number 1
Pages: 27 - 33
Cite this article: Moody, Commnder Alton B., "DO YOU SAY WHAT YOU MEAN?", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1954, pp. 27-33.
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