Commodore John W. Anderson

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: THIS PAPER CONCERNS recent steps taken toward the establishment of sea lanes in int,ernational waters approaching New York in the area bounded by the Long Island Coastline, Nantucket and off-lying shoals on the Nort,h and by the New Jersey Coastline on the west. On 11, January, 1965 a speech was made by Admiral E. J. Roland, Commandant of the U. S. Coast Guard before the Marine Society of New York. He indicated (in part) that: establishment of sea lanes in international waters off the coast of the U. S. and the recognition and adherence to such lanes by both U. S. and foreign flag vessels would require the co-operation of all governments which have ratified the International Convention for the Safety of Life at’ Sea, 1960 SOLAS. On 26 April, 1965 the Commandant’s letter 4900 requested the Commander, Third Coast Guard Dist,rict to take such action to carry out a sea lanes study for the major ports within his district and further suggested that a sea lanes committee be appointed with representation from local pilot’s associations, port authorities, prims,ry shipping lines, Corps of Engineers and the Coast and Geodetic Survey in addition to members of the Coast Guard.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 14, Number 3
Pages: 251 - 254
Cite this article: Anderson, Commodore John W., "SHIP ROUTING IN CONGESTED WATERS", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 14, No. 3, Fall 1967, pp. 251-254.
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