E. O. Frye, G. E. Chadima, K. L. Wallace, and G. R. Marner

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: A new radio sextant operating in the 2 cm wavelength region has been completed by the Collins Radio Company. It forms a part of the Ships Self-Contained Navigation System (SSCNS) being developed for the Naval Ships Systems Command by the A.C. Electronics Division of General Motors. A novel gimbal system and recent technological improvements have made possible order of magnitude reduction of wight and volume, increased pitch and roll range and greater convenience in operation. All-weatehr solar adn lunar altitude and beating data can now be made available for use in an independent, passive navigation system which furnishes position, attitude and velocity on a continuous basis with essentially global coverage. The radio sextant characteristics make it practical for use on most naval vessels.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 15, Number 1
Pages: 62 - 68
Cite this article: Frye, E. O., Chadima, G. E., Wallace, K. L., Marner, G. R., "THE RADIO SEXTANT", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 15, No. 1, Spring 1968, pp. 62-68.
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