Capt. Stanley G. Putzke

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: THIS PAPER CONSTITUTES a preliminary report to the marine navigational community of the results t.o date of the work of the Coast Guard’s Navigation Planning Staff. This staff comprises the Coast Guard participation in the joint development of the National Plan for Navigation, the concept and objectives of which were placed before the Institute at its annual meeting in June. To supplement it’s own study work, and in order to obtain early data upon which to base further investigation and analyses, the Coast Guard, in late May 1968 let a contract for a study of Maritime Aids to Navigation needs in the Short Distance Environment. Concurrent with this effort, the Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services agreed to convene Special Committee 60, under the Chairmanship of Commander Alfred Fiore of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, t.o report on the requirements for a standard system of long distance electronic aids for International Maritime use. This committee is, in effect, verifying and updating as necessary, the results previously reported on the same subject in 1957 by RTCM Special Committee 35. Preliminary results of these activities are reported herein. The textbook approach to the Navigation Aids problem dict’ates a three step effort. First, it is necessary to reexamine and translate into viable planning factors the navigation needs of the entire maritime community. Secondly, a definitive evaluation of current and potential technology from the smallest buoy to the most sophisticated satellite system must be accomplished. Finally, of course, the two must be combined into areas of commonality with civil aviation and defense needs identified, and a system of aids proposed which yields maximum effectiveness for the modern navigator in different fields of transportation endeavor, and at a reasonable cost. It is the purpose of this paper to bring before you initial data which will constitute relevant inputs to those analyses. To an extent, I am presenting a “Straw Man” in the hope that we may acquire comment, criticism, and additional input in any form which may serve to confirm or deny these early results and help to direct the continuing development and refinement of the factors which ultimately must act, in support, of the Plan decisions.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 16, Number 3
Pages: 279 - 283
Cite this article: Putzke, Capt. Stanley G., "NATIONAL PLANNING FOR MARINE AIDS TO NAVIGATION-A PRELIMINARY REPORT", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 16, No. 3, Fall 1969, pp. 279-283.
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