K. H. Chase and B. V. Tiblin

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The Integrated Navigation and Collision Avoidance System (INCAS) is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of ship operation by increased automation of the navigation and collision avoidance functions. It is intended that the navigator's knowledge and judgment be aumented by the pre-programming of all known information relating to the selected route and by the continuous and automatic assessment of dangers represented by passing vessels and other obstacles to navigation. The system utilizes a general purpose digital computer, which operates as a central processor for the data provided by the shipboard sensors. The information resulting from this integration and computation is displayed to ship personnel in a form which is easily understandable and requieres no operator manipulation or calculation; automatic alarms are also provided. The data compilation and computation, coupled with displays and alarms, restores the watch officer to his decision making role and leaves him unburdened to properly ensure the safety of his vessel. Due to system design, the central data processor may be expanded to operate with other sensors to perform additional tasks.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 18, Number 2
Pages: 205 - 214
Cite this article: Chase, K. H., Tiblin, B. V., "INCAS INTEGRATED NAVIGATION AND COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 18, No. 2, Summer 1971, pp. 205-214.
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