Alton B Moody

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: It is widely known that "The Institute of Navigation is a scientific, nonprofit organization, founded in 1945. Its programs are directed toward advancing the science, art, and standards of navigation by coordinating the knowledge and achievements of practicing navigators, scientists, and those involved in the development and production of navigation equipment". Less well known, perhaps, is the fact that this familiar statement of the "Purpose of the ION" was phrased by Dr. Paul Rosenberg, past President of The Institute, and that it was adopted officially by the Council at a meeting in Houston,Texas, on April 21, 1969, as a modification of an earlier statement. The present article is not so much an analytical essay on the accomplishments of The Institute in fulfillment of this stated role as an attempt at the difficult task of condensing into a limited number of pages an account of the activities of those who, over a quarter of a century, have brought The Institute to its present position of pre-eminence among organizations endeavoring to further the advancement of navigation. The Institute is unique among such societies in that the advance of navigation in all its phases and aspects is its primary concern. Its principal contribution, as viewed in perspective, has been the providing of a forum for bridging the gap between navigators and scientist, who have not always communicated effectively with one another. Thus, The Institute is something between a professional and a scientific society, being somewhat closer to the later.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 18, Number 1
Pages: 4 - 25
Cite this article: Moody, Alton B, "THE INSTITUTE OF NAVIGATION IN PERSPECTIVE", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 1971, pp. 4-25.
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