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Abstract: NAVIGATING AND FINDING FISH WITH ELECTRONICS, by G. D. Dunla.p, published by Internationa.1 Marine Publishing Co., 21 Elm Street, Camden, Maine 048&S. 80 pages, 84.50. This an excellent little book. Not only is it a practical reference guide for the fisherman, but also it can be recommended as a good introduction to the basics of electronic navigation for the neophyte navigator. There are only two chapters in this book. The first is titled Electronic Navigation and the second, Sound Transmission in water.The next to last chapter starts out by explaining the necessary fundamentals needed to understand electronic navigational aids. Though this introduction is somewhat cursory, it does the job. It fits in with the overall impression that the book has a dual purpose; initially, as a simple introduction, and afterwards, as a handy reference. The remaining sections of this chapter cover the various navigational aids which can be used for marine navigation in the U. S., such as, Radio Direction Finders (Manual and Automatic), Omni (VOR), Decca, Loran-A, Loran-C, Omega, Consolan, and Radar. When discussing each aid, the author gives his opinion as to its usefulness for various applications and also some idea of the comparative costs.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 20, Number 2
Pages: 191 - 192
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