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Abstract: IN THE WAKE OF THE TORREY CANYON (ReJections on a Disaster), by Commandant L.Oudet, Published by The Royal Institute of Navigation,London. 71 pages, 8d.50.The preface to this 71 page book (a real bargain at ~&1.00, about $2.50) concludes by stating that the author’s “writings on different aspects of safety at sea are well known both in this country (note: England) and in France.... ” Those of us whose navigation interests are mainly maritime follow the British Institute’s publication carefully and Oudet appears often. Those of us interested in the Rules of The Road keep an ear to what IMCO is thinking and doing. Again,Oudet has written worthy material. Unfortunately, Oudet is not as well known on the western side of the Atlantic as he should be, but perhaps In The Walce of The Torrey Canyon will correct that-it should. without the compulsion to talk more about the author than about his work. He reads easily. His thought patterns flow logically. His logic seems incontrovertible (though I will, later, take issue with one item). You know he knows his business. And if you’ve ever tried to write a book, jealousy must rear its ugly head; his words seem to come so effortlessly while you probably have to struggle to get things onto paper the way you want them. Oudet writes well and meaningfully and this book is well written and meaningful.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 20, Number 1
Pages: 96 - 100
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