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Abstract: Jerome F. Lederer was made an Honorary Member of the Institute of Navigation at the National AerospaceM eeting held in Washington, D. C. on March 14, 1973. His citation reads as follows: “During a period of almost half a century,the name of Jerome F. Lederer, better known as Jerry Lederer, has been synonymous with air safety. When he joined Aero Insurance Underwriters in 1929, after four years service as aeronautical engineer for the fledgling Air Mail Service, the nation’s 10,000 pilots were sustaining 1,700 accidents annually. Because of his outstanding leadership in the move to improve the safety of aviation, Jerry in 1940 was appointed the first Director of the Bureau of Safety for the reorganized Civil Aeronautics Board. During World War II he organized and directed training of some 10,000 pilots, navigators, and mechanics for the Army’s Air Transport Command. In 1947 Jerry became Director of established Flight Safety Foundation, and three years later accepted the collateral post of Director of the Cornell-GuggenheimA viation Safety Center. Both positions were held until his retirement in 1967, when he joined NASA, first in charge of safety in the manned space flight program, and then for the entire NASA program. On January 14, 1972, Jerry retired from full time service, but has continued to serve as part-time consultant to the Flight Safety Foundation. Jerry is recognized internationally for his work in behalf of aviation safety, and has been decorated extensively for these efforts. The present high standards of safety in the air and in space are a tribute to the lifelong interes and indefatigable work of Jerry Ledere.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 20, Number 1
Pages: 93 - 95
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