E. G. Baxa, Jr. and P. V. Piserchia

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The Research Triangle Institute under contract to NASA is currently evaluating phase data recorded at all three OMEGA frequencies by NASA personnel at various locations throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. Of particular interest is the development of the ability to predict differential OMEGA error in terms of the various factors which influence this error. Previous studies have indicated that differential OMEGA can offer significant navigation accuracy improvement over ordinary skywave corrected OMEGA. Two major sources of uncorrected differential error which have been identified are geometric dispersion error and statistical decorrelation error. Geometric dispersion error is peculiar to the uncorrected differential operation whereas statistical decorrelation error is not. Statistical decorrelation error has previously been analytically formulated in terms of differential receiver displacement range. In this paper, primary emphasis is placed on the analytical determination of parameters affecting uncorrected differential OMEGA error and their relative importance. For example, within the differential region around a base receiver station, differential error is dependent on range and azimuth from the user receiver to the base receiver for any given line of position (LOP). Regression analysis techniques are employed to process large amounts of collected OMEGA phase data in the differential region around Hampton, Virginia. Results show analytically the sensitivity of the mean and standard deviation of differential OMEGA error to variations in parameters such as separation rauge and azimuth, time of day, season, weather conditions, frequency, etc. Confidence in results is evaluated numerically and used to indicate additional data needed to improve prediction confidence. The ability to predict differential OMEGA error within a given region can significantly improve the practical utility of this form of navigation.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 22, Number 3
Pages: 208 - 220
Cite this article: Baxa, E. G., Jr.,, Piserchia, P. V., "RECENT RESULTS ON PARAMETRIC ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENTIAL OMEGA ERROR", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 22, No. 3, Fall 1975, pp. 208-220.
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